Global Game Changers

Driving transformational change through innovation, with a focus on diversity & inclusion.

Extensive and proven experience in initiative development, event management and policy development. Perfect specialises in finding game-changing solutions to global technology issues where new diverse perspectives are needed. We do this by enabling collaboration on a global scale between senior experts in the industry, academia and government.

The GC Index®

We work with our clients to create game changing cultures using a range of innovative tools and techniques including The GC Index® and TM Forum’s Digital Maturity Model.

For organisations to be successful in their digital transformation they need a framework and language for their people that is simple, effective, and outcome driven. It needs to be scaleable, reliable and adaptable but most importantly it needs to align everybody to make an impact on the digital transformation journey. That framework is The Digital Maturity Model.

The GC Index® fits perfectly into this framework, providing a language to help align people to the new Digital Maturity Model, which will support organisations in achieving successful digital transformation. It helps leaders develop a talent management framework, which will support organisational transformation and is fit for purpose in today’s agile world.

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Our Partners

Perfect Ltd Partnerships include:

What Women Want 2.0

Twenty years ago, 10,000 women took part in a ground-breaking study that changed the course of British politics. We're doing it again. Harnessing the power of social media, What Women Want 2.0 gives women the opportunity to share what matters most to them.

GC Index®

Our methodology allows individuals to understand how they can make an impact and helps organisations develop teams to drive success.


Marketing Advisor

Koreo Prize

A new National prize which gives young people a platform to investigate the defining social issues of our time.

Passionate about creating

Game-Changing programs and events

Here at Perfect Limited we are extremely passionate about creating Game-Changing programs and events that help to drive awareness day and we also actively work doing on programs which encourage young girls to study stem subjects and future but also to think about the future of variety and diversity of careers that are available to them in the ICT sector.