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As Managing Director and Founder, Vicky Sleight, also Advisor to the Board for Diversity & Inclusion at Cambridge Wireless, is former Senior Director for the mobile industry Association, the GSMA where for more than seven years she grew GSMA membership and developed an extensive network of industry leaders. She is also a globally recognised leader in diversity and inclusion in digital industries, through her work creating Connected Women which was launched in 2012 and which has now involved further into the GSMA’s Women4Tech initiative.

Vicki MacLeod has been Secretary-General of the GTWN for more than twenty years and is now also Director, Global Strategy with, Perfect Ltd. She has twenty-five years’ experience in the telecommunications and related industries after some time working in Australian Government in Canberra.

Founder and Managing Perfector

Vicky Sleight

Expert in diversity and inclusion

Vicky’s greatest success is in building successful initiatives such as events and female empowerment awareness programmes within leadership and business development. Much of her work has focused on encouraging and supporting girls from aged 8 to to study and build successful careers in STEM subjects A thought leader and expert in diversity and inclusion, Vicky is a regular speaker and spokesperson for this cause and has also supported BIAC and the OECD in Paris with research within the corporate sector on furthering education for young girls, Currently she is a judge for the Koreo Prize, a UK initiative aimed at increasing awareness of societal issues amongst young people.

Previously as Senior Director of Member Services at the GSMA - the Association for the telecoms industry - Vicky was responsible for growing membership within the mobile ecosystem where she lead membership strategy, communications and operations for a community of 25,500 industry executives. She was also creator and driving force behind the launch of the GSMA Connected Women programme; an initiative which aims to highlight the opportunities available to women in the mobile industry at all levels, as well as increase the number of women in senior management positions. Before joining the GSMA, Vicky led on a number of ground-breaking mobile industry initiatives as part of Motorola and O2.

Vicky is part of the network of GCOlogists www.theGCindex.com. The GC Index® is a radical re-think of how organisations should identify and nurture key talent in the future; identifying leaders – game changers - at all levels in organisations who have the power to make greatest difference.

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Perfector, Global Strategy

Vicki MacLeod

Expert on innovation and resilience

Before her work with Perfect Ltd and the GTWN, Vicki held various policy and regulatory related positions in Australia’s largest communications provider, Telstra, and represented Telstra on the OECD’s Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) in Paris. Vicki became interested in the then emerging field of convergence between telecommunications, broadcasting and media while Executive Director of the International Institute of Communications in London in the 1990s. Since then she has remained at the forefront of policy and thought leadership on issues which arise from the digital transformation of business. She has edited many GTWN publications, including the 2012 report on The Changing Culture of Communication, and The Mobile Century magazine series. Vicki’s work now focusses on helping organisations become more resilient through innovation, to be better able to deal with disruption brought about by technological change.

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